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Video Games &

Interactive Media

Clear Mind
Therapeutic VR Experience

Clear Mind is an interactive VR experience designed to aid PTSD patients in recovery. View a demonstration here.


Level Designer, Concept Artist, Prop Modeler

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Cosmic Bowling
Text Adventure

Cosmic Bowling is a sci-fi text adventure featuring illustrations and animations. It follows an avid young bowler (that's you!) and an inter-dimensional Bowling Alley. The first chapter is available to play here.


Writer, Illustrator, Animator, Programmer

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Hot Dog Rescue
Pixel Platformer

Hot Dog Rescue is a pixel platformer created in flowlab. Mahogany must save her friend and local hot dog man, Geoff, from being kidnapped by giant seagulls! The full game is available to play here.


Artist, Animator, Writer, Programmer, Musical Composer

Comics & Writing

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The Author's Apprentice - Bleedover
Guest Comic

A short comic featured in The Author's Apprentice as an exclusive extra for The Author's Apprentice Kickstarter Campaign.


Layout, Ink, Colour, Lettering

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The Lighthouse and the Lantern Bug

The Lighthouse and the Lantern Bug is a children's storybook currently in production.

It is a story about family, fear and finding your courage. 


Writer, Illustrator

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Of Mice and Mustard

Of Mice and Mustard is a webcomic currently in production. It is a mystery/comedy about forming friendships and finding the secret to eternal life​. Mice and Mustard features a diverse cast in a richly developed world, and is written in episodic format with each episode focusing on a character's struggle as they search for the fabled Fountain of Youth.


Writer, Illustrator

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